Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally interent access!!

After moving into the middle of nowhere in the middle of Australia internet access has finally reached us. Yes it's a bit like the dark ages but I couldn't afford Sattalite broadband so I had to wait for the cable roll out 1 year later we have while the rest of the world had it about 15 years ago (Sigh). In the mean time Iv'e spun and knit so much that I'll have to post all the photo graphs. I'm also embarking on a project to write for YARN magazine and doing a workshop through Community arts in the local community.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Christmas knits

Goodness me the chooks have broken into the house (oops left the back door open). I'm trying to sort out what to knit my family and friends for christmas. It was Hubbies birthday yesterday nad he was delighted to get the whole "Queer as Folk" set of CD's and DVD's. I now have a gay dance party in the lounge and car 24-7. i know he loves his gift but it's a little nuts to play them all 24-7 for the next 6 months. Oh well it's better than him not liking them. I can't knit for him as he seems disapointed by knitted items as he sees them as "I couldn't be bothered gifts". I won.
der wh3. he can't realise I take hours in designing the patterns and even more hours to knit them. Oh well, at least my dad appreciates his handmade gifts.

Monkey is extra grumbly today it must be because its raining and he can't play in the garden as it's way too wet and cold (maybe that why the chooks wanted inside). I so wish he would cheer up.

The christmas knit list is a little sketchy as I have to make sure that the gifts are appropriate. Mum never wants anything and I can't seem to figure out what I should do.

Finished Projects

I finally finished the rainbow jumper, it looks fabulous and I have requests from all the mums in my homebirth group for the pattern. So i'm selling it for $5 as a fundraiser for our groups activities. Monkey loves his new access point to his boobies and delights in removing the buttons and reaching in for a snack. Boys will be boys and their facination with boobies never seems to end.
Finishing a project is very satisfying but suddenly there seems to be nothing to do with ones hands. With in an hour of finishing I was knitting a cotton top for my sissy Granita biscuit as her tropical lifestyle has limited need for a wooly jumper. It the sexy little black top from Sn'B execept its a sassy little baby blue number with her child hood knick name Granita in beads on the belt.

The mail has been incredible exciting over the last week with monkey and I furiously peddling to the post office to pick up parcels and other interesting packages. One came in a blue sack which puzzled me at first. Turned out customs was snooping in my packages for drugs and other contraband. maybe they though Alcada had sent me a parcel with bomb kit. Anyway My lovely knitting books were dumped into a dirty blue sack (much like the one the chook food comes in) and a labled was zip tied to the top with a customs note saying they had opened it and it was all good No drugs or contraband. I dunno how anything from would but customs does tend to thrive on paranoia.

Were moving to a town 5 hours away next week so everything is being packed into a truck so no computer for a week so no blogging. I'll just knit more furiously instead. Gotta finish a beautiful lace shawl for my Bro's fiance as a chrissy present that she can wear for the wedding. Ohh gotts go and fix monkey so beeter stop this banter and kiss his little forehead better.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bella Bastina needs a Jumper any suggestions
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And Their Off

Goin to the Gigi's on the weekend with Messy. Here horse "On the Nat" is racing. If you like to have a flutter I recommend you do as the Ginge (as we affectionatly call him) is feeling frisky.

We Have to drive all the way to Jamestown for the Jamestown Cup 3 hours away. So lots of car knitting is to be done. I can start a new project for my hubby as I frogged the last jumper i started for him as he wasn't enthused aout it. I won't knit if he won't wear it.

Posty came no mail. I'm waiting on 4 things in the post 1 spinning, 2 knitting and 1 secret hubby birthday surprise. I'm dying to know when it will arrive. The postman proably thinks I've got the hots for him as I keep mobing him before he even gets to the house. I hear his little scooter and I scoot on out to the road and wait like an excited puppy dog.

Speaking of puppy dogs my hubbies dog Bella needs a juper as she has so little hair and such a sad face. Any recommendations for Bella?

Rainbow Jumper
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Jumper Fatness

I discovered there's a wrong time to try on a jumper to check that it's fitting nice while your knitting it. I put on my rainbow jumper to check that it was all ok before i knitted the collar. I looked so fat in my jumper I almost cried because I went to so much effort measuring and calulating so it would be a nice fit. I almost frogged it because I felt so horrible in it. I realised later this morning that when I tried it on I was wearing a singlet a shirt and a light jumper. It was too late at night for me to realise that I was wearing 2 jumpers. So leason learned never try on jumper late at night when very tired.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Child Smears Poo

Yes I've had one of those days. Life with one year old monkey is amusing. I'm so proud as he's finally got the knack of walking and is toddling around at 100km/hr. Yet he still is prone to those strange things small children do. Today we were sitting on the potty when the phone rang so I dashed of to talk to my darling buddy Messy. I returned to find monkey playing with his poo. Well it just turned into a gaggle of giggles after that. It's times like this I have to laugh or I'll cry.

I had a day of car knitting as I accompanied Messy to the farm to draw blood out of some horses for her honours project (she's studying agronomy). I love car knitting as it's uninterrupted (especially by poo smearing monkeys) bliss as you drive along through the country side. In Oz there is a lot of distance between places so plenty of hours of knitting can be had (if you don't get motion sickness)

Messy loved the purple Yarn I spun so I gave it to her as a gift. I recently taught her to knit and she's been using it as a distraction to avoid writing her thesis (which is due in 4 weeks). I must admit I've been knitting to avoid writing the report on Bipolar junction transmitters.

I better go do some work or I'll be asking for another extension and that probably will be asking for blood to pour forth from a stone.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Too much Uni Work

I have an assignment or 3 to do and I damn well lost the instruction sheet with all the questions. It's a pain as I'd rather be spinning or knitting right now. I finished washing my fleece and dryied it in the sun. I'm rather sad I don't have any earth palette dyes to make it a sort of red or something as it's kind of boring plain. i could dye it latter but I love working with coloured fleece. I'll just keep knitting for now.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Make your own Needle Roll

Gosh I had no idea how much people liked my needle roll. There a cinch to make. I kind of wished that I photographed the process but it isn't hard. You can mahe one out of a single piece of material if you want to keep it simple. You just have to make sure you pick a good thick fabric or use another less fabulous but thicker fabric underneath.

The picture below is the pictures to go with the instructions.
1. Measure your longest set of needles (this helps to make sure ALL your needles will fit. Multiple the length of you longest needle by 2.6 this is how much fabric you will need.
2. Sew a hem on one end of you fabric.
3. Fold the fabric as per the picture with the hemmed end on the inside about a third of the way or less folded in. It will look like a pillow case now.
4. Sew up along the edges DO NOT sew up the end you folded over
5. Turn the fabric inside out
6.The turned over edge should now be on the outside ready for you to sew into little pockets for you needles like the picture.
7. Sew a ribbon or cord to an edge to tie your roll up

TAA DAA enjoy your new needle roll

Fleece for my next Project. Soaking it overnight in cold water and then putting it thru the spin cycle in a washing machine takes a lot of dirt out which makes spinning much much easier. I do this about 3 or 4 times to get it nice and clean then dry it in the sun on a towel
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Progress on the body of my Rainbow Jumper
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Recently Spun Purple Tops
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