Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And Their Off

Goin to the Gigi's on the weekend with Messy. Here horse "On the Nat" is racing. If you like to have a flutter I recommend you do as the Ginge (as we affectionatly call him) is feeling frisky.

We Have to drive all the way to Jamestown for the Jamestown Cup 3 hours away. So lots of car knitting is to be done. I can start a new project for my hubby as I frogged the last jumper i started for him as he wasn't enthused aout it. I won't knit if he won't wear it.

Posty came no mail. I'm waiting on 4 things in the post 1 spinning, 2 knitting and 1 secret hubby birthday surprise. I'm dying to know when it will arrive. The postman proably thinks I've got the hots for him as I keep mobing him before he even gets to the house. I hear his little scooter and I scoot on out to the road and wait like an excited puppy dog.

Speaking of puppy dogs my hubbies dog Bella needs a juper as she has so little hair and such a sad face. Any recommendations for Bella?


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