Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Child Smears Poo

Yes I've had one of those days. Life with one year old monkey is amusing. I'm so proud as he's finally got the knack of walking and is toddling around at 100km/hr. Yet he still is prone to those strange things small children do. Today we were sitting on the potty when the phone rang so I dashed of to talk to my darling buddy Messy. I returned to find monkey playing with his poo. Well it just turned into a gaggle of giggles after that. It's times like this I have to laugh or I'll cry.

I had a day of car knitting as I accompanied Messy to the farm to draw blood out of some horses for her honours project (she's studying agronomy). I love car knitting as it's uninterrupted (especially by poo smearing monkeys) bliss as you drive along through the country side. In Oz there is a lot of distance between places so plenty of hours of knitting can be had (if you don't get motion sickness)

Messy loved the purple Yarn I spun so I gave it to her as a gift. I recently taught her to knit and she's been using it as a distraction to avoid writing her thesis (which is due in 4 weeks). I must admit I've been knitting to avoid writing the report on Bipolar junction transmitters.

I better go do some work or I'll be asking for another extension and that probably will be asking for blood to pour forth from a stone.


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