Thursday, September 15, 2005

Make your own Needle Roll

Gosh I had no idea how much people liked my needle roll. There a cinch to make. I kind of wished that I photographed the process but it isn't hard. You can mahe one out of a single piece of material if you want to keep it simple. You just have to make sure you pick a good thick fabric or use another less fabulous but thicker fabric underneath.

The picture below is the pictures to go with the instructions.
1. Measure your longest set of needles (this helps to make sure ALL your needles will fit. Multiple the length of you longest needle by 2.6 this is how much fabric you will need.
2. Sew a hem on one end of you fabric.
3. Fold the fabric as per the picture with the hemmed end on the inside about a third of the way or less folded in. It will look like a pillow case now.
4. Sew up along the edges DO NOT sew up the end you folded over
5. Turn the fabric inside out
6.The turned over edge should now be on the outside ready for you to sew into little pockets for you needles like the picture.
7. Sew a ribbon or cord to an edge to tie your roll up

TAA DAA enjoy your new needle roll


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