Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The impossible has Happened

Yes I had a bad day spinning and knitting something I thought wasn't possible. Tuesday's I go to a spinning and knitting group. I usually have a fabulous time but this week members were fighting over decions made about our stall at the local markets. I don't have anything to do with the stall as I barely have enough time to knit for my family and friends. It turned the whole day sour having everyone fight. I stayed right out of it as I really didn't want to take sides. Ohh gotta go my gym buddy is hear and monkey has a bomb in his pants (daddy didn't get him on the potty in time

Friday, August 26, 2005

New Spinning wheel Rocks!!

I love my new spinning wheel. Iv'e been glued to it since monday. I spent Sunday night fixing it up as it had a little wobble in the crankshaft. Since I am a fully qualified aircraft technician it was a sinch to fix. I turned the crank around and refixed the pin and whola, one wobbless wheel. The last owner didn't fix the pin properly and it wobbled so the more use it got the worse the wobble. ive spun up the 2kg of fleece I got with the wheel. I though I hit the jack pot as it was all carded and washed and there was a kilogram of sliver (white too) so I'm going to dye some more funky rainbow yarn. I can't seem to get photo's posted today which is really disapointing as I wanted to show all th stuff I've been doing. Anyway I have to run it's spinning and weaving at the local guild this arvo and I can't wait to show off my new wheel.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monkey and me
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New Spinning wheel Yeah!!

On the weekend we went for a drive and picked a spinning wheel including 2kg of commercially carded fleece. The chair was a bonous. I never knew how comfortable they could be while spinning.

I finished the second sleeve on my jumper and I've started on the body part. I can't wait to wear it. Iv'e designed a little flap in the boob area to make it easier to breast feed monkey without having to get a cold belly and hold layers of jumper out the way.

I really need a ball winder as I have hanks of yarn all over the place waiting to be made into balls. It's difficult knitting with balls as they roll alll over the place I really need center pull balls.

I'm so tired I can't type I'll have to do this later.

My next spinning and knitting project. I think this jumper is gorgoues. I'd like it in purple though. I just have to spin up the fleece for it.
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My gorgoues new spinning wheel and chair. It's an ashford traditional an oldie but a goodie.
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The junker that's going back to the club. It may look nice but the crank is too short tat it has poor leverage when the spindle gets full. It also weighs a ton.
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Boucle yarn spun recently. It's done by plying with a fine spun 'z' twist with a loosly spun 's' twist. I'm not sure weather to dye it or not yet
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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Finding My Own Spinning Wheel

Tomorrow I'm hoping to have a look at a spinning wheel and chair that are being sold as a set. It's more than affordable for my pocket but I have to drive 1 hour out of town. Luckily it's a family spot and my son can have a ride on the horse drawn tram and check out the fairy penguins. Today he had his 1st birthday party and he had such a good time he didn't want to take his nap. I finished the second sleeve on my jumper and I have to sit down and work out the body of it as I tend to write my patterns as I go. Hopefully the spinning wheel is a winner.

Friday, August 19, 2005

3 ply from a Single Strand

I found this nifty trick in an old spinning book I bought second hand. I love it because i hate wasting Yarn especially when you spend so much time making it. If you ever finger knitted as a child it's exactly the same except that you pull your loops much larger and let them twist. You can't see my guide hand in the photo as it was holding the camera so you still need to use it to control the amount of wist. This technique is also fabulous for spindle spinning as it takes the hassle out of trying to hold the spindle and hold all the plys together.

I even took the trouble of posting all the pictures in reverse order so all you have to do is scroll down as you follow the instructions Happy Spinning!!

Step 1

Tie a loop in your ply strand

Step 2

Tie the knotted end (at top of picture)
to your lead in string

Step 3

Spread the loop apart with your drafting hand
(apologies as I draft goofy handed)

Step 5

Pull the strand through the loop

Step 4

Grab the strand between you fingers

Step 7

keep going

Step 6

Let go of the loop but keep hold of the strand

Step 8

Pull the next loop out nice and big (10cm (4") or so)

step 9

Now go back to step 3 and keep going

Knitting Treasure

Iv'e found a few treasure this week with my mum-in-law. She helped me clean out a few boxes and tidy up. She even took me into a dollar shop where I found some alphabet beads perfect for knitting. I only paid $3.50 and they are often sold for 20c each so it's a bargain. I can't wait to incorpoate them into a felted bag or jumper. Ohh the possibilities are endless. Now I'm too excited to think must find my scetch book and draw all these idea's down.

My head is often way to full of knitting and spinning except when I'm studying. Reminds me I have an assignment to do and a maths test next week. It's not to hard just have to do some light revision so I can get a good grade. Maybe it's why I like knitting so much it's very mathmatical and preditable if you know the formula's you can manipulate them to create whatever you want.

I thought I lost this little french knitting dolly years ago but I found her recently in a box I haven't unpacked for years. While I was in the army I moved so much i ended up getting to the point where I stopped unpacking certain things. It was like finding a little treasure.
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Alpabet beads I found at the local Cheapie Shop. I don't normally go there but I was looking for something else and found these. I recently found out how to knit with beads so I'm going to have great fun with these.
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Need New Spinning wheel

Checked the trading post this morning and found a few promising leads. Hopefully an ashfod traveller I going to check out on monday will be more promising that others I've looked at. This has to be short as Monkey is grumpy and were heading off to play group. Discovered a way of making three ply from a single strand the other night as I hate having shot single plys left over. I take photo's later today to demonstate the technique.

Moss Stitch hat Modelled by my Hubby. i knocked it up on the weekend to break up the monotany n a drive to his uncles place 3 hours away
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

To much fleece not enough time

I haven't had much time to spin this week. My mother-in-law has been visiting so I didn't even getting to my spinning circle on Tuesday. I really missed my day out. It was nice having her here though we had plenty of nights out and time off from parenting. But I didn't have much time to spin as we went out.

I'm trying to find my own spinning wheel at the moment as I'm borrowing a wheel from my spinning circle. It's not very good as it's someone's homemade junker and is very hard to tredle and it's frustraiting trying to spin consistent yarn. I had a look at 2 wheels last week and both were in poor condition. Mostly people who don't spin or took it up fleetingly own them so they are badly looked after. I really can't find a nice wheel. I saw a beautiful Wee peggy the other weekend but had no cash so I really couldn't buy it. I also had my hubby ad mum in law in tow and I don't think they wanted to spend all day looking at spinning wheels. I'll just keep looking for the right wheel.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This was the first vest i ever knitted. I must have been crazy as I had no patten and a calculator to guide me. I was basically flying by the seat of my pants and kept consulting the "Big book of knitting" on how to knit twited rib and a V-neck. But My brother loves it and it looks like hw wants another for Christmas.
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This is my most recent completed project for My most handsom Hubby. The yarn is part possum fir from NZ (not the protected variety from Australia). The rest is merino part felted to keep the fur from comming our. It's really nice to knit with and is a single strand. And As my hubby can attest incredibly Warm. No more cold ears.
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This is one of my projects completed a few eeks ago. my Son"monkey" as we affectionately call him kept getting cold hands on our walks so I knitted some mittens for him. The were knitted straight rather than in the round as they are so small it was too fiddly. I sewed up the side and used invisible stitch at the ends to make the mittens more comfortable
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Moss stitch makes colour stand out more as it gives texture. Light colours tend to stand forward and dark colours tend to receed into the background
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My pixie hat using blue green red rainbow Yarn This was frogged as I decided i wanted a scarf more.
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Somewhere over the Rainbow

I can never get enough of rainbow yarn. I can never really decide what coulour to use so I end up putting all the colours I feel like at the time into the Pot. I love experimenting sometimes it's disasterous but it's a great way to learn what does and doesn't work. The rainbow was made using blue, fushia and yellow allowing them to blend with a touch of rust at the top to give an orange colour. The hank has a circumfernece of 1.2m and the sleeve is knitted in the round of a circumference of 40cm. This gives you the stipes. Why you may ask. Being a lover of maths I discovered if you have good guage that knitting has a 3:1 ration. that is 30cm of Yarn gives 10cm of knitting along a row. This really important when your dyeing your own as if you don't keep it in mind you can get stripes when you don't want them. I don't really crochet so i can give advice in that area.

The Jumper sleeve knitted with rainbow Yarn
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Hand Dyed rainbow Yarn
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From left to right are the 1st 2nd and 3rd hanks I ever spun as you can see its really just slub yarn
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Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm Spinning Around!!

Now I've just learnt to spin and it's become an extention of my knitting pattern. My husband a best friend were making jokes baout the fact i was going further down the production line and would probably begin smuggling sheep Alpaca's and goats into the back yard next to feed my habit.

Spinning is wonderful and gives you more scope to knit and weave. I used to find myself pining for rainbow yarn and blends of colours no reputable yarn company would produce. Why is so much yarn so subdued in coulour bring on the fluro I say!!

Just so you don't get discouraged and think I'll never spin beautiful yarnI'll include some photo's of my fist 3 hanks of yarn. They were spun from Rams fleece (it was too cheap to resist) and it stinks to high heavy of a horny Ram. I'm afraid if I knit with it i be chased by dogs or lustful ewes.