Friday, October 07, 2005

Christmas knits

Goodness me the chooks have broken into the house (oops left the back door open). I'm trying to sort out what to knit my family and friends for christmas. It was Hubbies birthday yesterday nad he was delighted to get the whole "Queer as Folk" set of CD's and DVD's. I now have a gay dance party in the lounge and car 24-7. i know he loves his gift but it's a little nuts to play them all 24-7 for the next 6 months. Oh well it's better than him not liking them. I can't knit for him as he seems disapointed by knitted items as he sees them as "I couldn't be bothered gifts". I won.
der wh3. he can't realise I take hours in designing the patterns and even more hours to knit them. Oh well, at least my dad appreciates his handmade gifts.

Monkey is extra grumbly today it must be because its raining and he can't play in the garden as it's way too wet and cold (maybe that why the chooks wanted inside). I so wish he would cheer up.

The christmas knit list is a little sketchy as I have to make sure that the gifts are appropriate. Mum never wants anything and I can't seem to figure out what I should do.

Finished Projects

I finally finished the rainbow jumper, it looks fabulous and I have requests from all the mums in my homebirth group for the pattern. So i'm selling it for $5 as a fundraiser for our groups activities. Monkey loves his new access point to his boobies and delights in removing the buttons and reaching in for a snack. Boys will be boys and their facination with boobies never seems to end.
Finishing a project is very satisfying but suddenly there seems to be nothing to do with ones hands. With in an hour of finishing I was knitting a cotton top for my sissy Granita biscuit as her tropical lifestyle has limited need for a wooly jumper. It the sexy little black top from Sn'B execept its a sassy little baby blue number with her child hood knick name Granita in beads on the belt.

The mail has been incredible exciting over the last week with monkey and I furiously peddling to the post office to pick up parcels and other interesting packages. One came in a blue sack which puzzled me at first. Turned out customs was snooping in my packages for drugs and other contraband. maybe they though Alcada had sent me a parcel with bomb kit. Anyway My lovely knitting books were dumped into a dirty blue sack (much like the one the chook food comes in) and a labled was zip tied to the top with a customs note saying they had opened it and it was all good No drugs or contraband. I dunno how anything from would but customs does tend to thrive on paranoia.

Were moving to a town 5 hours away next week so everything is being packed into a truck so no computer for a week so no blogging. I'll just knit more furiously instead. Gotta finish a beautiful lace shawl for my Bro's fiance as a chrissy present that she can wear for the wedding. Ohh gotts go and fix monkey so beeter stop this banter and kiss his little forehead better.